Wifredo Lam, Jungle Series

Art collecting is the second-most important art activity, after the creation of art. A penchant for collecting is closely associated with ownership and the personal projection of the individual through a work of art; it is a practice as old as history itself. What is behind the urgency that some have for collecting art? There are mainly five motivations present in anyone who dreams of being a collector: aesthetic taste, emotional motivation, intellectual motivation, the desire to create a legacy and lastly some financial consideration.

An investor’s perspective on art collecting might be somehow different, for him art is a real and tangible asset that appreciates in value over time and helps diversify an investment portfolio. It is an asset that has proven to achieve attractive returns with low volatility, low costs of maintenance, no depreciation, hedging possibilities and low or negative correlation with traditional financial assets.

Therefore, art is an extraordinary and unique asset because it can combine in a perfect synergy these two visions without loosing its inherent esthetic qualities. Art is without question an emotional, cultural and financial investment.